[Openswan dev] NAT-Traversal 6.0 / FreeSWAN / Softremote

Sascha Hoffzimmer sh at sh-ct.de
Fri Jan 30 17:49:21 CET 2004


Till beginning of january I had serios problems to get NAT-Traversal with
SafeNet SoftRemote 10 over an 3COM Broadband Router
running. So I debugged pluto and had found the problem and how to
deal with it. The problem lies in the function  stf_status
main_inI2_outR2(struct msg_digest *md)
Because DEBUG is defined in the Makefile of pluto for default.
The following call is always executed
/if (!build_and_ship_nonce(&st->st_nr, &md->rbody
, "Nr"))/
This Line sends imho always ISAKMP_NEXT_NONE. Correctly there must
follow the decision
if to send the ISAKMP_NEXT_CR in that Line:
/if (!build_and_ship_nonce(&st->st_nr, &md->rbody,
As Softremote is seeing the NONE Payload it ignores correctly all
following payloads, which include
the CR and NAT-D Requests. So it behaves normally and tries to build the
tunnel with ESP
So I had to replace the #ifdef DEBUG near Line 2981 of ipsec_doi.c with
#if 0 and that's it.
Feel free to send comments or requests to me.

Best regards

Sascha Hoffzimmer

Sascha Hoffzimmer Computertechnik (sh-ct)
Am Weyerhof 24
D-50226 Frechen
fon: +49 2234 272484
fax: +49 2234 272485
UStID: DE204578460

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