[Openswan dev] Help:How to add messages to show the tunnel's status?

Henrik Nordstrom hno at marasystems.com
Mon Feb 16 13:07:15 CET 2004

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, swcims wrote:

> Now I want to add some messages to show whether the tunnel is build up
> or not,then users don't need to ping or open " /var/log/secure".
> In auto-keying,I think I can add these messages in "route-client"
> section of _updown.But it is not good enough because the first time the
> setting-up process will go through "rout-client" to "route add ...",and
> the next time it only go through "up-client" and donnot need to add
> route rules again(for example,using "whack --name .. --intiate" after
> "whack --name ... --terminate"). So,what is the better chioce?

the up/down hooks is more approproate I think. Or is at least what we are
using with good results. See updown section of pluto manual for details 
of updown scripts.

> Also,in manual-keying,I don't know absolutely how to add these messages 
> to show the tunnel status.How to overcome this problem?

Well.. in manual keying the tunnel is up if you have brought it up with
manual --up, and down when you have brought it down with manual --down, so 
you should know if it is up or down.

But who is using manual keying?


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