[Openswan dev] "We have no ipsecN interfac..." error

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Fri Feb 13 00:09:29 CET 2004

When pluto doesn't know wether it i s left or right, it gives the following error:

"we have no ipsecN interface for either end of this connection"

This error has become somewhat confusing when using the native 2.6 stack, since
there are enver ipsecN devices.

I suggest we change it to:

"We cannot identify ourselves for either end of this connection"

What I do not know, is whether (when using KLIPS) this error can also happen
when we DO know which IP address we are, but in fact we have a wrong interfces=
line, and indeed just not an ipsecN device for that ip address. If the latter
can also happen, then we might need to add:

"or we have no ipsecN interface for a recognised end (when using KLIPS)".

I don't think we can see at that point fairly easily whether we are using KLIPS
or not.

The error appears in connections.c and rcv_whack.c.


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