[Openswan dev] odd behaviour in new test, deleted conn to OE?

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Tue Feb 10 12:57:25 CET 2004


>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Wouters <paul at xelerance.com> writes:
    Paul> But this successful IPsec SA on instance 3 is odd. Where did bofh
    Paul> get the key from? It can only have gotten it from within pluto,
    Paul> from the "deleted" connection. Is there still some "deleting"
    Paul> happening after the log message?  Is this is race condition? Or am
    Paul> I losing it?

  You delete'd the conn, not the keys.

  Keys are loaded as a seperate operation, and given a name, which is used to
reference them in the conn. Some might argue that this is wrong - the keys
should at least be purposed.

    Paul> Another thing I noticed, which might be related, is that a
    Paul> connection which is only --added on both ends, and then --up'ed on
    Paul> one end, will never terminate again. Doing a --down on one end will
    Paul> immediately cause a new negotiation to trigger the conn to come up
    Paul> again.

  That's interesting. Can you reproduce this with UMLs on hulk?

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