[Openswan dev] status of klips26 in HEAD

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Fri Aug 27 00:31:47 CEST 2004


>>>>> "Nate" == Nate Carlson <natecars at natecarlson.com> writes:
    Nate> Nifty!

    >> it just isn't done yet. I have problems with insmod under 2.6
    >> UMLs.

    Nate> Anything that I can help with?

east:/# uname -a
Linux east 2.6.7-1um #1 Sun Aug 22 01:26:26 EDT 2004 i686 unknown
east:/# insmod /ipsec.ko
insmod: get_kernel_syms: Function not implemented
insmod: cannot open /proc/ksyms No such file or directory

  Clearly I need a newer "insmod".
  Perhaps some other new libraries.
  Or maybe i need some backwards compat flag.
  Some executables cause the UML to core dump.

    >> Hmm. That's very strange.  Until I can get the UMLs to load, I
    >> won't get much progress on such a thing. However, I am not going
    >> to be automating the klips26 testing under UML. that's a big job,
    >> and I don't have the resources to do that.

    Nate> It's not just the same tests for normal KLIPS, except running
    Nate> on a 2.6 UML kernel? Or requires infrastructure changes to
    Nate> have two different kernels for testing?
  Ideally, we want to test both kernels in each test run, so yes, new
  Secondly, we want to run all the tests on both kernels, so the test
cases have to be adjusted so that they can have some deltas between 2.4
and 2.6.
  Thirdly, we might want to interop 2.4 with 2.6.
  Finally, we might want to extend this to 26sec.

  So, just lots and lots of infrastructure work.

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