[Openswan dev] Arkoon starter app for Openswan 1.0.2

Mathieu Lafon mlafon at arkoon.net
Fri Apr 9 16:30:20 CEST 2004

Joshua Jackson a écrit le 09/04/2004 11:10:21 :

> Attached is a tgz of the source for the Arkoon starter application which 
> been patched to work with openswan 1.0.2. XAUTH support is missing, but 
> remainder of the features (X509, DPD, NAT-T, etc) are working and it 
> contains the %defaultroute patch.

Thanks for this work. I've also got some modifications (new features and 
for starter 0.2 on my CVS. I currently use it with Openswan 1.0.2.

Modifications include :
  o Openswan support
  o also keyword support
  o dhcprelay support (if enabled, automaticaly start it and monitor it 
like pluto)
  o bugfixes

If someone is interested, I can release a 0.3 version for Openswan 1.0.x.

Mathieu Lafon - Arkoon Network Security

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