[Openswan dev] NAT-T problem with openswan

William Barsse wbarsse at pfn.com
Tue Apr 6 17:30:58 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I ran into an issue that I haven't seen mentioned on the list when 
using NATT. This was using an old version of super-freeswan but after 
looking at the code in openswan it seems like it may have the same 

Setup :
1 gateway behind a NAT device with at least 2 connections defined to 

Symptoms :
Only one of the two defined connections comes up, the other remains 
uninitiated, however using "ipsec whack --initiate ..." brings it up 
just fine.

Timeline :
1 - The first connection (A)  is initiated
2 - A reaches MAIN_I3 and update_pending(connections.c) is called to 
update the host_ports in A
3 - the second connection (B) is initiated and added to the pending 
list for the host_pair it has in common
      with A (add_pending in connections.c)
4 - A's MAIN_R3 is received and triggers a call to  
ISAKMP_SA_established(connections.c) which detects
      that B's that.host_port doesn't match A's (which was updated in 
2), this triggers a call to release_connection
      for B.
5 - A goes up, B is in limbo.

Potential fix :
in add_pending the following snippet of code should fix the behavior, 
the idea is to copy the ports from another correctly resolved 
connection in the same pending state :

/* after p->next = c->host_pair->pending */

if (p->next) {
	c->this.host_port = p->next->connection->this.host_port;
	c->that.host_port = p->next->connection->that.host_port;

Thoughts, comments, jeers ?


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