[OpenSWAN dev] New to FreeSwan

Wisam Wageh wisam_wageh at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 17 06:06:58 CET 2003

Hi ,
I am new to freeSwan. I have a question which may be
naive to many of you, but excuse being a starter :)
I need to know where to get the source code for
FreeSwan. I download many things from the ftp site
under the development branch.


but i really don't know where is the source code files
and how they are organized. 

I am preparing a masters degree and i will be using
FreeSwan for the IPsec part. If it may help i am
supposed to study the implementation of the SPD , SAD
and selectors used with them. Also how those selectors
are extracted from the IP Packet. 

I can't reach the source files that do these
functionality. So i will be thankfull for those who
develop pathches and know the hierarchy of the code
tree to help me find my way through it. 

Thanks in advance

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