[Announce] Xelerance has released Openswan 2.6.51

Samir Hussain shussain at xelerance.com
Fri Sep 14 15:47:49 EDT 2018

Xelerance has released Openswan 2.6.51


v2.6.51 (September 14, 2018)

Bug fixes for various issues. Improving interopability with strongSwan.
Additional work to enable NAT-Traversal in IKEv2.

* s/libgmp3-dev/libgmp-dev/ as the former has been a dummy virtual 
package for a long time [Simon Deziel]
* Specify compatibility issues with strongSwan & Openswan. Provided 
work-around to the issues. [Samir Hussain]
* wo#7417 . prevent ikev2_validate_key_lengths() from accessing NULL 
pointers [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#5532 . non-PFS policy overrides getting a KE exchange when 
processing CHILD_SA rekey [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#5579 . use incoming exchange type when generating notifications in 
R2 [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#7094 . move state hasing algorithm to .h so that it can be used in 
unit tests [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#7093 . Extra debug in find_phase1_states() and extract-statetable.py
   uses gdb to dump state and connection structures [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#7092 . unit tests for deriving child keys needed to use IKEv2
   parent SA negotiation hash algorithm [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#7091 . unit tests for handling bad messages and responding with
   appropriate notifications [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#7089 . be more explicit when logging encryption role [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#7089 . unit tets for receiving child SA rekeys from initial
  responder as msgid 0 [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#7089 . clean out unit test *~ backup and *.o object files [Bart 
* Use https URL [Samuel Thibault]
* wo#7011 . shipping v2KE with a zero sized g^x will fail [Bart Trojanowski]
* fix priority: extra is being replaced [Samuel Thibault]
* fix spelling [Samuel Thibault]
* Drop rule installing removed NEWS file [Samuel Thibault]
* Revert "lp28-addrinfoserialize: IP address for moon changed to" [Samuel Thibault]
* Updating debian/copyright to ensure proper attribute [Samir Hussain]
* Updating debian/copyright to simplify years and remove file that 
doesn't exist [Samir Hussain]
* Updating debian/copyright to reflect the difference 
licenses/copyrights [Samir Hussain]
* wo#7003 - add delete_state_family() to handle deleting a parent SA w/ 
children SAs [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#7003 - correctly identify if informational message is a request or 
response in logs [Bart Trojanowski]
* unit: update expected output of ikev2crypto unit tests [Bart Trojanowski]
* contrib: pluto-log-merge.pl [Bart Trojanowski]
* make ikev2_out_sa() and print_sa-*() functions resilient to NULL 
pointers [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6874 - explicitly log when state object is freed [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6874 - do not attempt to send notification with st==NULL [Bart 
* aggr_not_present() match initiator_function type [Bart Trojanowski]
* No longer ship with <= 3.2.0 kernel patches for Debian [Samir Hussain]
* Drop useless file [Samuel Thibault]
* changelog is not generated any more [Samuel Thibault]
* Fix changelog for upload [Samuel Thibault]
* No need for a NEWS file giving no useful information [Samuel Thibault]
* wo#6532 - select the correct newest parent SA for EVENT_SA_REPLACE 
[Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6532 - avoid leaking PSK text if it is malformed [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6760 . when reusing a connection state, we are only interested in
   parent SAs. Also, check the subnets[Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6453 . return and propagate errors from ikev2_derive_child_keys() 
when hash alg is unknown [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6453 . when generating key material, use phase 1 negotiated hash 
algorithm [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6589 . using send_v2_notification_enc() to send encrypted 
notifications [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6589 . add new notification enum types and names [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6589 . better string expansion for error codes, which can be out of 
range [Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6606 . force a new nonce each time we respond to a child SA rekey 
[Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6364 . Cleanup expired/replacedchild SA after a rekey[Bart Trojanowski]
* wo#6634 . add delete-child-SA-ack state transition [Bart Trojanowski]
* consistently set timeout-event for rekey initiator [MCR]
* set the timeout_event for responding to peer requesting child rekey [MCR]
* when deriving keys, show the nonce as CRYPT debug [Bart Trojanowski]
* extra debug in ikev2_derive_child_keys() [Bart Trojanowski]
* macros for helping with INITIATOR/RESPONDER states [Bart Trojanowski]
* added debug option to usage summary [MCR]
* update payload_descs[] comments to map them to ISAKMP_NEXT_* 
namespace. [Bart Trojanowski]
* make sure that header files are included in tags [Bart Trojanowski]
* Add info on "aggressive"  keyword in ipsec.conf's man page [Samir Hussain]
* Update path to gmp.h for buildlin.sh (Thanks to jejayhe) [Samir Hussain]
* Fix bug where "no connection named foo" appears when downing a subnet 
[Samir Hussain]
* Add python-minimal to travis.yml so that helper scripts can work 
properly [Samir Hussain]
* Update commercial support section for OSW [Samir Hussain]
* do not install pluto_next_hop if address families do not match [MCR]
* Add an 'ipsec status' command that gives the same output as: ipsec 
auto --status and ipsec whack --status [Samir Hussain]
* Update 'ipsec status' command to give per connection status (also 
deals with subnet) [Samir Hussain]
* wo#6211 . the check on the peers reply should also use localaddr when 
checking [MCR]
* wo#6211 . ikev1 proposal from self=%any should use localaddr in 
proposal [MCR]
scripts [MCR]
* update local port numbers/interfaces on receiver, after authenticating 
packet [MCR]
* added ikev2_parent_R2 and I3 to dependancies [MCR]
* wo#4822 . Enhancing IKEv2 NATT support
* switch to figlet and add message about what file is being processed [MCR]
* process the NAT-payloads in I2 [MCR]
* make sure that all makefiles have a pcapupdate, and update all the 
pcap files [MCR]
* updated input pcap files to include nat notify [MCR]
* revise Makefiles to be table driven [MCR]
* added shell script to run all the unit tests, stopping for make update 
and git add [MCR]
* added pcapupdate to update pcap input from lp02 [MCR]
* fake interface was not in network byte order for fake ipsec0 [MCR]
* copyright additions [MCR]
* whitespace changes [MCR]
* basic natt responder test case [MCR]
* added pcapupdate to update pcap input from lp02 [MCR]

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