[Announce] Xelerance has released Openswan

Samir Hussain shussain at xelerance.com
Fri Aug 24 15:05:09 EDT 2018

Xelerance has released Openswan


v2.6.50.1 (August 24, 2018)

This release fixes CVE-2018-15836 (a Bleichenbacher-style signature
forgery which involves RSA padding attack)

* wo#7449 . test case for Bleichenbacher-style signature forgery [Bart 
* wo#7449 . verify padding contents for IKEv2 RSA sig check [Bart 
* wo#7449 . added lo06-verifybadsigs test case [Bart Trojanowski]
* b01-install test case will no longer spam with the environment 
variables [Bart Trojanowski]
* lp28-addrinfoserialize: IP address for moon changed to 
[Bart Trojanowski]

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