[Announce] Xelerance has released Openswan 2.6.50

Samir Hussain shussain at xelerance.com
Sun Aug 6 17:52:26 EDT 2017

Xelerance has released Openswan 2.6.50


v2.6.50 (August 3, 2017)

Bug fixes for RSA key size and other issues

* IKEv1 proposal from self=%any should use localaddr in proposal [MCR]
* The check on the peers reply should also use localaddr when checking [MCR]
* Protect kernel_command_verb_suffix against NULL st, which occurs during
  unroute operations [MCR]
* Log source of unknown address family [MCR]
* Straighten out eroute_connection logging with fake "tun" entries [MCR]
* Rework where/how the decision as to whether to create or update an
IPsec SA is done. [MCR]
* Always use the remote target address to determine family type of outer
* Updated the seam_kernel with new get_ipsec_spi/get_my_cpi  function
signature [MCR]
* Change cert and cert-encoding field to be loose_enum, as IETF may
define new values [MCR]
* Test case that shows how addconn core dumps [MCR]
* Removed errant comment about installing AH SA [MCR]
* Ensure orient picks loopback interface properly [MCR]
* Minor comment and copyright changes [MCR]
* updated for changes in orient debugging [MCR]
* Move creation of interfaces into data structures so that it can be
permuted better [MCR]
* Enable debug output from orient [MCR]
* Added and updated test cases to include debug of orient interface
picking [MCR]
* Changed pick_matching_interfacebyfamily to pick best interface, rather
than first [MCR]
* Test case for looking up best interface to match an endpoint [MCR]
* Added new ok01-parsepubkey to validate str2pubkey function [MCR]
* Added ckaidhex2ckaid to parse ckaid in hex form [MCR]
* Added test case for IGNORESPACE on hex data [MCR]
* Capture all test output (stderr too) and compare it all [MCR]
* Sanitize out calls to unreference key, as they have core address in
them [MCR]
* Send printed form of ckaid, rather than binary [MCR]
* Added build-nss script to permit manual builds with libnsa [MCR]
* rereadsecret will output a copy of the whack log, asynchronously the pluto
  to the same debug file, which confuses the order at times [MCR]
* Extra debugging enabled to track certificate loading [MCR]
* Make sure to (re)read secrets before looking at orientation [MCR]
* Point at moon ipsec.d for certificates, and load the secrets [MCR]
* Link the public key from the configuration file, directly to the key via
  the calculated ckaid. Use the cert/ca fields in the whack message [MCR]
* Added str2pubkey, and added liboswkeys to some programs that needed it, as
  well as test case for it [MCR]
* Move calculate_rsa_ckaid from secrets.c to rsapub.c [MCR]
* Added new oswkeys header file [MCR]
* Make clone_str tolerant of unsigned and signed char [MCR]
* Add buffer to keep formatted ckaid in, since it is used in many places
* libnss specific changes to changes in the change of public/private key
referencing [MCR]
* Movement of public key to be pointer causes a new leak [MCR]
* Bigpubkey test needs to point correctly at secrets file for debugging, and
  cleanup of PID file needs to be done correctly [MCR]
* Re-create routine to dump private parts of key for debugging purposes
* Restructure the secrets structure so that the public key is referenced
  the "private_key_stuff" structure, and the keys are not so tied to RSA
anymore [MCR]
* Test case for using correct private key, renamed from libopenswan to
liboswkeys [MCR]
* Move rfc3110->rsa key decoding to new file [MCR]
* Create new test case for parsing of RSA keys from base64 encoded
rfc3110 [MCR]
* Added test case to pick signing key by public key match [MCR]
* Fix a typo in dpdaction=clear's description [Simon Deziel]
* Test case for cycles of ipsec.conf includes [MCR]
* Fixing minor typo in CHANGES [Samir Hussain
* Mark IKEv1 as disabled at compile time [MCR]
* Always build whack with debug options [MCR]
* Debian: stop depending on iproute that's just a virtual package [Simon
* Turn off sending cert req in IKEv2 [MCR]
* Added alias aggressive= as alias for aggrmode= [MCR]
* uClibc-ng is compatible to glibc [Waldemar Brodkorb]
* when rekeying a child SA, there might be a whack_sock that needs to be
tracked. [MCR]
* Update README.nss [Simon Deziel]
* More updates to unit tests for CA update [MCR]
* Make sure to use @carol, rather than just carol [MCR]
* Updated various certificates [MCR]
* Script to generate new root CA key [MCR]
* Fix the inconsistency check so that it skips the case where the address
  family has not been set at all [MCR]
* Refactor the conf readwrite tests to use common driver that captures
the stderr as well [MCR]
* Log the state chosen when processing received packets [MCR]
* When running make update, make sure files have been created [MCR]
* Extra trusted_ca message to be removed [MCR]
* Possible test case for rightid=%cert not working correctly [MCR]
* Added dns auth level names, print them in list of keys [MCR]
* Enable davecert test cases for rightid= vs rightcert= [MCR]
* Rename pcap output file to be consistent [MCR]
* Refactor location of pcap output file [MCR]
* Debug logging when the parent and child and rekeyed child are
transitioned to a new state [MCR]
* Removed some old logic from parent SA keying, where the child looked
for replaced SAs to key [MCR]
* Added argument to ipsecdoi_initiate for old parent state,
distinguished from old child state [MCR]
* Use CONNNAME consistently [MCR]
* Added ct10-parent10, which generates a signature using real RSA
routines [MCR]
* Record which key was used for making signatures, and which key
successfully verified them [MCR]
* Update test cases for log of loading key and logging Openswan ckid [MCR]
* Added additional 4096bit key [MCR]
* Functional test case that large keys are loaded correctly through the
various steps [MCR]
* Functional test case that large keys are loaded correctly through the
various steps [MCR]
* Silence debugging of key load handling, but leave code in place for
another day [MCR]
* Clone the keyspace to a chunk, rather than use automatic allocated
keyspace [MCR]
* Log size of key received [MCR]
* Log key after it is converted from base64 [MCR]
* Use log_ckaid() to debug lowest level of whack processing [MCR]
* Create log_ckaid(), put it into oswid.c for general use [MCR]
* Mark sha2 routines as taking a const input [MCR]
* Attempt to protect pack_whack_msg against public key values which
exceed the string size [MCR]
* Log key when it comes out of whack [MCR]
* Log the ckaid of the public keys being loaded [MCR]
* Add argument to change name of keyfile for additional testing [MCR]
* Loading the private key now loads the public key, and calculates the ckaid
  of it, so it will be in the output [MCR]
* When testing if the public keys work, also calculate the ckaid of the key,
  and display it just to be sure it was loaded correctly [MCR]
* Refactor the ckaid calculation from raw public key info, and print it as
  part of loading the private key list [MCR]
* Include sha2 fingerprint of public key, show it as groups of 4 hex
digits like GPG [MCR]
* Added test case for datatot / ttodata, aliases and leftsubnets [MCR]
* Added new test case to run historic ttodata regress test [MCR]
* Remove preproc check for KLIPS_MAST in order to include saref header
file. [Samir Hussain]
* Add make check [Pablo Hinojosa]
* Fix bug with include mechanism for ipsec.secrets [MCR]
* Change text around debug messages to clarify intent [MCR]
* Updated with explicite endaddrfamily and clientaddrfamily [MCR]
* Move initialization of *aDd_family above end_validation, and have
  end_validation use these variables properly [MCR]
* Keep track of line no of each keyword, and when logging duplicated,
  print the location of values [MCR]
* Fix bug where conn address family is not filled in leading to test
failure [MCR]
* Fix minor typo in the ipsec.conf template [Samir Hussain] [MCR]
* Fix pluto segfault [Roel van Meer]
* Sometimes the state gets deleted before the event fires [MCR]
* Use getline() rather than fgets() to read ipsec.secrets, so that
  long lines can be loaded [MCR]
* Do not assume MAX_TOK_LEN can be used for filename size for ipsec.secrets
  include directive [MCR]
* Added local variables for indent [MCR]
* Test with various key sizes [MCR]
* Move signature creation and verification to liboswkeys [MCR]
* Move structure to new file, consider moving selection of crypto to
init too [MCR]
* Whitespace change [MCR]
* Zero the secret structure before it is used [MCR]
* Initialize keys of various sizes [MCR]
* Fixed state of child state on initiator. Fixed output to have correct
  state, and thus delete messages [MCR]
* Changed formatting of msgid in state transitions in addition: found that
  st_policy in child state was not initialized properly [MCR]
* Return to putting parent SA state transitions in microcode, but
  manage the parent state through the state transition code.  Log both
  and child state transitions [MCR]
* Comment about usage of libosw [MCR]
* Deal with different 'ip xfrm' output on CentOS. [Samir Hussain]
* Fix the order of some of the comments in the pluto man page. [Samir
* Use qsort() instead of qsort_r() [Samir Hussain]
* Undefine FORTIFY_SOURCE in order to be able to compile in gentoo
[Samir Hussain]
* Display # of tunnel when running 'ipsec setup --status' with IKEv2
[Samir Hussain]
* Update unit tests to deal with ipsec_setup.8 being copied over [Samir
* Copy ipsec_setup man page into the proper man directory [Samir Hussain]

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