[Announce] Xelerance has released Openswan 2.6.49

Samir Hussain shussain at xelerance.com
Tue Aug 9 11:20:07 EDT 2016

Xelerance has released Openswan 2.6.49


v2.6.49 (August 8, 2016)

Implements the IKEv2 child rekey facility in IKEv2.

* revert "have R2 keep parent SA as md->st, and manipulate the child SA
state directly" [MCR]
* have R2 keep parent SA as md->st, and manipulate the child SA state
directly [MCR]
* use shunt_eroute, rather than eroute() to protect against attempting
to replace tunnels with shunts when deleting [MCR]
* change child final state by adjusting microcode [MCR]
* initialize the IKE version maj/min when creating state [MCR]
* explicitely set child state on responder [MCR]
* clean out some dead comments [MCR]
* added additional debug for rekey event. Delete processing now
increment message ID properly, so the numbers are higher. When no parent
exists, the child can not be deleted, so message about scanning does not
occur [MCR]
* use allocate_msgid_from_parent properly when sending delete messages [MCR]
* have process_informational_ikev2 return STF_IGNORE to avoid confusing
parent state I3->I3 message, clean up some debug messages and comments [MCR]
* clear up small comment [MCR]
* log current time when indicating when next event is [MCR]
* removed stack of #if0/PATRICKXXX blocks, and reformat to fit screen [MCR]
* log reason for creating new CHILD SA (rekey) [MCR]
* do not reset PARENT SA replace timer [MCR]
* accept reply from responder, do calculations and install new IPsec SA.
No further reply is needed [MCR]
* lp47 test now validates that Nonce and KE are in fact sent [MCR]
* note that it was decryption that failed [MCR]
* the first payload in reply should always be Nonce, send it. If PFS is
enabled, then send KE. Finally, send SA and Traffic Selectors [MCR]
* if PFS is enabled, then tell tail() function so that it can send KE [MCR]
* refactor nonce sending into justship_v2Nonce [MCR]
* added additional constraints on required encrypted payloads: mistyped
Nonce (Initiator/Responder) as Notify! [MCR]
* mark failure to decrypt as such [MCR]
* take care to diagnose when a continuation is not found [MCR]
* refactor out child_notify_process, and
child_validate_responder_proposal. Complete inCR1 processing,
calculating g^xy if PFS is enabled [MCR]
* in responder from child, make sure to mark packet as having a reply [MCR]
* put packet input/output debug into middle of pluto log [MCR]
* added missing description for C1_REKEY state [MCR]
* added explicit initial state microsoft code child rekey state [MCR]
* deal with compiler warnings due to new bounds checker [MCR]
* move pcap_recv_packet to per-test .c file, as per lp13, and update for
reduced debugging in setup portion [MCR]
* move pcap_recv_packet to per-test .c file, out of common code [MCR]
* transform lp13-parentI3 like lp10, such that it can take an arbitrary
number of pcap files as input; refactored for creating lp48 [MCR]
* added test case lp47 [MCR]
* added missing "in hash X" to test case [MCR]
* added run_one_continuation for use by lp47, which has to run multiple
continuations [MCR]
* run continuations, one at a time [MCR]
* updated CI1 packet [MCR]
* run two continuations in test case: one for g^y calculation, one for
g^xy calculation [MCR]
* inCI1_tail routine takes request and replies to it using
child_sa_respond [MCR]
* permit child_sa_respond to be provided with the child state object [MCR]
* get rid of dead code that tried to kill empty notifications [MCR]
* accept_v2_KE and accept_v2_nonce do not return the same type, check
each properly [MCR]
* lookup state 3 for rekey debugging [MCR]
* decrypt incoming packet, having recorded the correct state [MCR]
* allow compile time directive to expand size of state table [MCR]
* make ikev2_decrypt_msg available to ikev2_child [MCR]
* guard against st still being NULL when dealing with initial handshake
* make sure to clear list of seen payloads [MCR]
* fix ikev2_child I1 packet to have correct np for first encrypted
payload [MCR]
* minor reformat [MCR]
* change silly message about IKEv2_ROOF [MCR]
* when receiving a package on responder, look up with the messageid
first, and find parent to do retransmission logic. [MCR]
* added microcode and initial processing for receiviving the CI1 packet
* refactor accept_v2_KE from ikev2_parent [MCR]
* move SEND_*NOTIFICATION macros to ikev2.h [MCR]
* added prototypes for child CI1 states on responder [MCR]
* added forward declaration for recv_pcap [MCR]
* new test case for receiving IKEv2 CHILD rekey [MCR]
* actually send the packet once it is formed [MCR]
* rename test case, open pcap file and make sure it is closed [MCR]
* add send_packet_close() [MCR]
* renamed test case [MCR]
* IKEv2 rekey child calls the right KE, auth, encrypt and nonce
functions which have been marked as non-static from ikev2_parent [MCR]
* minor reformat and addition of positional argument names [MCR]
* use enum_name rather than explicit reference to array to find
state_stories --- english description of current state [MCR]
* t5: do rekey work [MCR]
* enable ikev2child_outC1_continue and ikev2child_outC1 and
kev2child_outC1_tail [MCR]
* when deleting SAs, make sure to delete child SAs first, then parent
* added state_stories and state_name for STATE_CHILD_C1 states. Change
microcode to take CHILD SA from I3 to C1 [MCR]
* include IKEv2 states in IS_ISAKMP_SA_ESTABLISHED [MCR]
* adjustments to seams for change to ipsecdoi_initiate API [MCR]
* start duplication of ike2 child negotiation into ikev2 child rekey
code [MCR]
* initial test case base for rekey experiment [MCR]
* added AFTER_CONN() call to do things after conn is established [MCR]
* split up parentI3 so that it can be reused [MCR]
* added name for new SA_DELETE event [MCR]
* move some headers to include/pluto so that they can be used in unit
test seams [MCR]

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