[Announce] Openswan 2.6.34 released

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Wed Jun 8 14:11:40 EDT 2011

Xelerance has released openswan 2.6.34


This is a bugfix release mostly focussed on KLIPS and IPv6. Happy IPv6 day!

The full change set for this release follows below.

v2.6.34 (June 8, 2011)
* Fix build without USE_EXTRACRYPTO introduced in 2.6.33 [Tuomo]
* Fix new leftmtu= option to pass correctly to _updown [Mattias Walstrom]
* Add Apple iOS work-around to l2tp example configs [Tuomo]
* KLIPS: Support to compile on Linux 2.6.38 and 2.6.39 [David]
* KLIPS: Make sin_family setting in delflow the same as addflow [David]
* KLIPS: IPv6 and SLES10 compile fixes [Sony Japan]
* KLIPS: IPv6 outbound policy check used wrong index [Sony Japan]
* KLIPS: Enable CryptoAPI per default [Paul]
* KLIPS: Module unload fixes [David]
* KLIPS: Routing cache corruption due to ip_select_ident [David]
* KLIPS: Only fixup the ethernet header it might be on [David]
* KLIPS: Fix for ixs->skb->dev is null at the top of ipsec_xmit_send [David]
* MAST: refcount bug in transport mode prevented ipsec.ko unload [Sony Japan]
* MAST: Don't autopick mast [David]
* NETKEY: Fix AH mode [Avesh]
   - rh #704548
* DYNDNS: using hostnames could lead to loss of ports in SA [Avesh]
   - rh #703473
* Many uml testing harness fixes and updates, mostly IPv6 related [Paul/Hugh]
* "ipsec look" now shows NETKEY/XFRM and IPv6 routing table [Paul]
* "ipsec look" now shows iptables NEW_IPSEC_CONN mangle table [Paul]
* "ipsec look" and "ipsec barf" now shows ip6tables like iptables [Paul]
* Fix inbound policy --addin, and added --replacein [David]
* KLIPS: Fix family check when policies are not set [David]
* MAST: Fix family check when policies are not set [Sony Japan]
* Improve build speed (don't recalculate build version all the time [David]
* XAUTH: Fix rekey with Cisco when remote_peer_type=cisco [Avesh]
* Openswan (IKEv2/IKEv1) icmp issue (redhat bz 681974) [Avesh]
* IKEv2: port range was hardcoded to 0-65535, not local policy [Avesh]
* MAST: Fix oops on module unload [David]
* Improve build speed, calulate version once [David]
* Import OpenWRT packaging updates [Simon]
* contrib: added openswan patch for [Yannick Koehler]
* KLIPS: Fix for compiling on 2.6.22 (Fedora Core 6 based) kernels [Paul]
* KLIPS IPV6: Fix packet fragmentation [Paul]
* Added PLUTO_CONN_ADDRFAMILY= to updown.* (to disable SAref on v6) [Paul]
* KLIPS: cleanup packaging/*/config-* files [Paul]
* Fix a bunch of gcc unused-but-set-variable warnings [Paul]
* Fix some WERROR warnings [mcr]
* Various file descriptor leaks and mimor memleaks [Avesh/dhr]
* Removed reference to http://www.freeswan.org from ipsec --help [Tuomo]
* Bugtracker bugs fixed:
    #1233 WARNING: at net/ipv4/af_inet.c:151 inet_sock_destruct on stop [David]

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